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Nagpur Flying Club

About the FlyingClub

Nagpur Flying Club is India’s pioneer in the aviation industry. Nagpur Flying Club (NFC) is considered to be the Cheapest Flight School in India. It was established in 1947 by flying enthusiasts.
Nagpur Flying Club was taken over by the Maharashtra Government in 1990 and continues to operate TILL DATE. It is located at Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Produced numbers of pilots to Indian and international aviation industries and continues too.

Our Solutions

Student Pilot License and Ab-Initio Training

Instructor Rating

Private Pilot License

Familiarisation of Garmin G1000

Endorsement of Aircraft type Cessna 152 and 172

Commercial Pilot License

Renewal of Licenses & Ratings

Hobby Flying & Petal dropping

Our Fleet

Nagpur Flying Club operates a wide variety of popular Cessna aircraft enabling us to deliver high-quality training while also meeting the social flying requirements of our members. 


  • Make aviation accessible, affordable and fun to all aspirants
  • Ensure good airmanship through continuous learning
  • Conduct General Aviation in a safety-conscious environment
  • Achieve the highest standard of flying