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The following courses/tests are offered

Private Pilot License Course

Commercial Pilot License Course

The PPL/CPL courses, mentioned above are conducted on regular basis. The other courses are : 

· Renewal of PPL, CPL, IR, AFIR, FIR.

· Conversion from Foreign Licence to Indian.

· Aircraft Endorsement Training.

Flying training for PPL is carried out initially on a single-engine Cessna 152/Cessna 172R aircraft for 60 hours. For CPL courses, the trainees will require to complete flying up to 200 hours. Thereafter, they will qualify as commercial pilots, with instruments rating (IR) on single-engine aircraft. Independent & well-furnished arrangement has been made for smooth conduct of ground training courses with the help of qualified DGCA approved staff.  The course will be completed in a duration of 18 month provided the trainee is successful in passing all CPL subjects and class -I medical. Being a Government organisation the club is run strictly to norms set up by the DGCA. No short cuts or other irregularities regarding flying and ground studies will be permitted and strict supervision will be enforced.