Chairperson's Message


Dear Students and Parents,

Flying training is a stepping stone to a new world of unique opportunities and conquests for any individual. The grand entry you make into the universe of possibilities should be equipped with the thirst of knowledge and the ability to forage among the best the world has to offer. Knowing that the sky is the limit, we believe in giving you the wings to soar high.

The sky is a playground for a person who seeks to unearth its infinite wisdom and strike gold. Over the past seven decades the pilots passing out of Nagpur Flying Club have through perseverance, hard work, and persistence shaped the world at large. Yes, we understand exactly what you are searching for and we take a unique tailor-made approach to flying training, utilizing the individual strengths of every trainee and ironing out the weakness through a time-tested process of standardization.

The trust that you have imbibed in us is the cornerstone of our foundation. We appreciate your enthusiasm and confidence and assure you that we will be the rightful pedestal from where the realization of your dreams will take off.

We have maintained our heritage, yet evolved an advanced standard for conducting professional flying training with innovation and quality in mind for a better understanding of the students. The accolades, awards, and adulation that we have garnered over the years in both India and abroad is a testimony of our leading standards.

We know a victorious career awaits you and we are committed to the task of endowing you not only with knowledge but also people skills so you can fearlessly triumph over barriers. Let me greet you again and wish you all the best for all your endeavors.